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Science and I: How Our Love Story Began

by: Bianca Lorraine Sing
Physics 10
2011- 45632

Plants, animals, humans, planets...
These are some of the first things that come to our minds when we hear the word "Science."
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Science was one of my favorite subjects way back when I was still in nursery. It was easy.
I just needed to listen, memorize, and voila, get good grades!
With this, I had first dream job... and that was to become a successful doctor...
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This dream lasted until I reached my elementary years, during grade 5, to be exact. 
No, it was not because I was afraid of human blood nor with those deadly syringes. My dream job of becoming a successful doctor turned to ashes because I realized one thing.... that Science doesn't love me. Science hates me so much that everyone can notice that Science is my lowest subject from first quarter up to the last from elementary grade 5 until I graduated high school last year.

I admit, I, myself, was the problem. Aside from having poor memorizing skills, I wasn't really open nor did I welcome the thought of understanding what Science was all about. For me, I treated Science as a mere subject... and I was wrong...

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I passed the UPCAT and decided to enter UP. The only problem that kept on bugging me was "How am I supposed to avoid these Science subjects? I'm sure I will fail all of these!"

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Until one day, an upper classman recommended me to take Physics 10.  He said, I will learn a lot from this subject. I was hesitant at first but I decided to take the risk...

Now, even though I haven't finished taking the subject yet, I must say that this truly has changed my perspective regarding a lot of things. Aside from the above mentioned, this subject has also changed my life and gave it a 360° turn!

I learned a lot of things in my 3 months of attending the Physics 10 class. I guess it will take me a lifetime if I will discuss everything I've learned here so I decided to summarize my learning into the following three:

1. It's not about memorizing the most. It's about loving and understanding it whole heartedly. 

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There are a lot of terms in Science and unless you're a super kaduper uber genius, you won't be able to memorize every single one of them, including their meanings. Because Science involves a lot of concepts, it is important for a person to open his heart to understanding. Understanding is the key for this will lead one to a less complicated world of Science. Also, it is important that one is willing to open his heart to this understanding because what can one get if he isn't true to himself, right?

2. Science is everywhere. Science is not boring. You'll be amazed that the most entertaining phenomena that you adore are ran by the laws and concepts of Science.

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We may have the perception that Science is just all about the boring stuff in the world. Plants, rocks, planets, speed are what come to our mind immediately but believe it or not, Science is not just about these!
As we enter our third phase in Physics 10, we had different professors for different special topics. To be honest, I was really nervous about this. Top professors teaching these topics that have long exotic subject names, I bet this would be super hard. But I was wrong again...

Economy, technological innovations, organizations, networks, complexity, granular materials, day to day phenomena such as eclipses, shooting stars, and the emergence of day and night, hologram, and nanotechnology... these are only a few of the lessons we are taking up at the present. It amazes me that all of these involve Science! All of these wonderful things that we witness, enjoy, and experience everyday are constructed and conceptualized out of Science! Science is indeed everywhere!

3. Science is life.

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Science is one thing  human being won't be able to run away from.... forever.

Science will always be a part of our everyday life and it is up to us on how we would maximize this!
From the moment we were born in this world, Science has became a part of us and we, as recipients of this wonderful gift, should be responsible enough to cherish and make the most out of this treasure.

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Physics 10 has indeed and has been continuously making a positive impact to my life.
It has shaped me to become a better, a more responsible, and a more open- minded person.
Physics 10 is not an ordinary class.
A life changing subject, Physics 10 will forever be a part of me. 

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